The Ordinary PrincessThe Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What an enchanting read! As my niece and I have started our very own book club, I am always on the lookout for books that meet the muster. I had never read The Ordinary Princess before; and when I saw it on my Kindle free books list whilst looking for a quick bedtime read, I thought why not? I’ve been on a fairy tale retelling kick the last few days and it seemed like a lovely plot. I was not disappointed! It is going on the list of books to read with my niece for sure!

The Ordinary Princess is about a girl who is given the gift of being ordinary by a rather rambunctious fairy godmother and lives a richer life than any of her perfect sisters.

Even on wintry or wet days it seemed beautiful to the Ordinary Princess, so while her six beautiful sisters played with their golden ball in the palace gardens, she played with the rabbits and the deer in the forest.

When it comes time for Princess Amy to wed, no one will take her because they all want the standard beautiful and well-behaved princess and not one who looks ordinary and has a spirit rife with adventure. As such, her parents come up with a completely outrageous scheme to TRICK a prince into marrying her. Needless to say Amy thinks this plan is batty and high tales it out the castle as a princess only to go to work in another castle as a kitchen maid.

“I think I shall try to get work at the castle,” thought the Ordinary Princess, wiggling her toes in the nice cool water. She smiled to herself and tweaked Mr. Pemberthy’s bushy tail. “It will be a change to work in a castle instead of living in one,” she said.

Her indomitable spirit and sense of adventure ends up attracting a man of all work in the castle. What will she do when she has to return home? Can she keep her common man when her parents are set on marrying her to the highest bidder? Will he still love her when he finds out she is not a kitchen maid?

This is an enchanting tale of how wonderful it is to be ordinary. In a world where physical beauty is paramount, it highlights the importance of being unique despite what others may see when they look at you. My only complaint about this take would be the King and Queen treating their daughter so horribly because she isn’t what they thought she should be. The Queen in particular is always trying to make her daughter beautiful with creams and lotions and such that don’t do a thing. It makes me angry…but then, it is supposed to.

Ultimately I do believe the author’s point is to be yourself because there is no sense trying to be anyone else. I loved it!