The Goblin CorpsThe Goblin Corps by Ari Marmell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In a parody reminiscent of LOTR, the centuries old Dark Lord wishes to control the entire world. Unfortunately his latest spell goes awry and he is left in tatters. Foiled by a good-two-shoes sorcerer, the Dark Lord decides to strike back at the king of men. Naturally the king is not amused and decides to amass an army to march on the Dark Lord’s forces come the spring thaw.

To combat this threat, it is decided to form a Demon Squad to be led by General Falchoin and used by Vigo Havarren, the lord’s demon. The lord’s queen has her own tasks in mind for the squad however, and while there is a war threatening from abroad, there is also an imbalance within.

This book was fantastic. Too often dark fantasy’s fail to deliver because the author feels the need to have a happy ending. (HELLO! Dark. Fantasy.)

Falchion was, above all else, a practical man. And if one man, however revolting, however many centuries dead, was about to conquer the known world–well, Falchion wanted to be on his good side.

Once Falchion and Havarren form the Demon Squad, the queen informs them that she will see to their training. But how can a troll, an orc, an ogre, a gremlin, a doppelganger, a kolbold, and a bug bear come together and work as a team when they can’t stand one another? Easily, they do or they die. Horribly. IF they are lucky. So they come together with much sarcasm and many death threats in order to obey commands.

Sent on one mission after another, the squad slowly comes to realize what it is the queen wants them for and when the dark lord finds out…

Vigo Havarren didn’t believe in many gods, and he tended to despise those that he did believe in. But now, for the first time in his extremely long life, he felt the urge to pray.

And that is before they learn of the Dark Lord’s real plan.