The Other Side of MidnightThe Other Side of Midnight by Simone St. James
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This rating was not the fault of the wonderful Simone St. James. I have absolutely loved every other one of her books. Her plots are complex and intriguing. Her characters are well-developed with depth. Her historical representation of post WWI England is breathtaking. I love it all.

So why the mediocre rating compared to the other books? This is the truest case of ‘it’s me not you’ in a book-reader relationship: I strongly loathe books about mediums. I read this one thinking it would be different. St. James is has quickly become a favorite of mine. However, while all her hallmarks of fantastic writing are there, I just couldn’t feel for the characters. For some inexplicable reason, the second a story has a medium portrayed I feel a sort of distance with the novel. There really is no reason for it; and I can honestly say that aside from my personal proclivity, this was another fantastic piece of work.

Tell Ellie Winter to find me.

Gloria Sutter is dead. A glamorous medium who specialized in contacting dead soldiers,has been murdered at one of her own séances. But not all is as it appears. Gloria Sutter seemed to know what date awaited her because she left a note to an estranged brother for an ex-friend and one time rival to find her.

My mother taught me that,in the middle of the storm, the medium herself must have only one philosophy : Believe or don’t believe. It is up to you.

Ellie Winter wants nothing to do with the dead. After grieving her mother’s death, Ellie wants nothing more than a quiet life. After being proven a fraud, she refuses séances, contact with her once friend Gloria, and paranormal researchers. She specializes in finding lost items for clients on a referral basis only.

I don’t trust anyone. Especially a man who ruined my mother’s career and made Gloria Sutter his prize exhibit.

James Hawley is an ex-soldier turned psychical researcher who ruined both Ellie and her mother years before. However, he feels that the study was not on the up and up. He also regrets the events of the past and is haunted by his time in the war.

The man who sat before me at seven o’clock on Tuesday evening was lying.

George Sutter is a cold-hearted man with shady contacts and shadier reasons for asking Ellie to investigate his sister’s death.

Tell Ellie Winter to find me.

One note from Gloria weaves a tangled web that draws all of the players, both living and dead, to a game that could cost them their lives.

An atmospheric tale complete with ghosts and political intrigue in 1920’s Europe, this is a definite “yes” for those who enjoy complex historical ghost stories.