Robin: Lady of Legend (The Classic Adventures of the Girl Who Became Robin Hood)Robin: Lady of Legend by R.M. ArceJaeger
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In a word.

A young woman dodges a terrible arranged marriage by running away and accidentally becoming the leader of a band of thieves who just happened to hassle the evil tyrant she was supposed to marry and ultimately finding true love…

If she did not have to pretend to be a man and end up also destroying her family in her act of rebellion, well I would say the entire affair was quite serendipitous. In fact, how it all comes together in the end is nothing short of engineered. As I said… BLAND

So on the one hand we have our heroine Robin Lockely. She is the daughter of a grief-stricken father, sister to maid Marian, cousin to Will Scarlet, and overall tomboy. In an effort to secure her future (being tall, a straight shot with a long bow, and opinionated are apparently not good for a girl’s prospects), her father decides to arrange a marriage between her and the only man who will have her: the vile Sheriff of Nottingham *que the abject “hissing” and “booing”*.

To escape she decides to run away leaving her father in debt,her sister with the controlling housekeeper, and her cousin holding the guilt bag. She runs into John Little whilst faking being a man. From here a series of events cause her to become an outlaw and leader.

The problems? Her sister is now the next in line to marry the Sheriff. Her Merry Men and community believe she is a man. She has humiliated a series of dangerous men. Her father will lose the manor for her deeds. And she is also falling in love with her second in command.

But no worries because she works it all out by constantly questioning her decisions and making a series of pride driven mistakes. Her father even realizes the error of selling his daughters after meeting the outlaw with more honor than his daughter’s would be husband.

I would go into details, but they are predictable and dues ex freaking machina time and again. The high points have been hit. You do not even need to worry about her criminal behaviors because dues ex machina will come to her rescue again right at the end…to the last sentence…JOY!

All sarcasm aside, my disappointment is astounding. I enjoy a good retelling and was interested to see how a female Robin Hood turned out. In the end our Robin gave up everything for a man and was rescued by royalty. How droll.

I would skip this one if you are interested staying engaged. You cannot even get angry because the boredom will prevent any strong emotion. On the bright side, everyone had the Disney happy ending complete with marriages and the smiting of evil.