Helen and Troy's Epic Road QuestHelen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest by A. Lee Martinez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was a chuckle-a-minute fun. It was lighthearted (mostly) and did not drag on. The key to Enjoying Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest is to not take it too seriously. If you need a quick dip in the literary pool of light, easy, and engaging–this is the book for you.

Helen is no beauty. She is a monster. More particularly, a minotaur. She is tall, strong, big-boned, has horns, has fur, and has a tail. As a teenager, this is no picnic. But everyone has their problems and she has mostly made peace with it. However, her unique attributes make her a prime candidate for a godly sacrifice.

Scene right enter in Troy.

Troy is charming. Almost disgustingly so, except that he is also genuinely nice, genuinely intelligent, and genuinely brave. Again, pretty nauseating if it did not just fit him to a “T.” When Helen almost gets herself fed to a god, the pair team up to rid the world of their…(view spoiler)

Then BAM! They are committed (like you read about) to saving the world. Or maybe it is destroying it. The plot keeps you guessing. In a world where questing is a national pastime and there is a government agency to handle the “really bad” (define that) stuff, two teenagers with a quest of their own does not even raise an eyebrow.

Along the road to freedom they meet the good, the bad, and the downright cranky. They get trounced, attacked, a dog, and some great advice.

The questers who talk the most do the least. It is not what you say that matters. It is what you do.

This is truly a coming of age comedy as Helen has to deal with her inner insecurities and Troy has to find his. Of course, they will need to survive bad odds, a motorcycle gang of orcs, the worst government agency to date, odd monsters, and one nasty god with a nastier prophecy attached. If they do it right and come together…they may even just save the world. Or destroy it. It was all so interesting the way one blends into the other

You will know the right person because you won’t care why they want to be with you. You will just be glad they are their.