BeastkeeperBeastkeeper by Cat Hellisen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She merely wanted everything settled and ended, with happily-ever-after like when curses ended in fairy tales. Except this wasn’t a tale…

Sarah has a big problem. On the eve when her mom walked out, here dad turned into a selfish creature slowly descending into a man that she does not even recognize. In one of his last lucid act, he takes Sarah to his parents’ estate and leaves her. But no one will tell Sarah what is going on. She goes from a normal world of school troubles and bookworm isolation to one where birds talk and her grandfather is chained in the barn.

So she does what any self-respecting young teen would do in a situation where adults do not see fit to explain matters: she goes hunting for the truth.

Sarah has a problem. Her dad is a beast. Her grandfather is a beast. And, Sarah to will become a beast when she falls in love.

With the help of a closed lipped raven and a mysterious beast boy who disappears and reappears at will, Sarah begins to unravel the secrets of the family curse. What she finds is that family can not be trusted. Friends have ulterior motives. And the seeds to a family’s downfall lie in the cold heart of revenge. But Sarah and her beast boy refuse to give up. There has to be a way to change the tide of woe that has surrounded her family for hundreds of years. There has to be a way to break the curse and reunite her family.

But what can one adventurous bookworm transported into a real life fairy-tale really do in the face of a curse? Unimaginable things. She is the one person in her family that grew up without power and corrupt emotion. The question is: will it be enough to turn the tide?

This is not your Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. There is heartbreak, sacrifice, and utter betrayal. One girl has to overcome a family that feels nothing for her in order to save a family that used to love her; and to save her own future. Because the heart wants what the heart wants and it is only a matter of time before Sarah falls in love.

A beautiful, powerful tale of morality and what happens when selfish endeavors tear a family apart. This book has complex machinations in both family relationships and the world they live in but never feels forced or unbelievable.

My name is Sarah. My mother’s name is Merete. Her mother’s name is Freya. We have not always been beasts….My name is Sarah. My father’s name is Leon. My grandfather had a name once: Eduard. We have not always been beasts.