Cracked (Soul Eaters, #1)Cracked by Eliza Crewe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mom only wanted me to kill people who deserved it, and my morality’s flexible enough to toss in self-defense (and everyone knows the best defense is a good offense…my morality is almost a contortionist.)

Meda is my book best friend! Her inner dialogue is a real, sarcastic, witty, self-indulged, riot! I could not get enough of her!

Okay, so the book had a few snags to keep it from my favorites block- namely *mumbles under breathe* from the first there was the standard missing parent trope then the pseudo “save the cheerleader” gag and there was a bit of the “prophecy” spiel that is quite overdone.

But when the “cheerleader” is a sarcastic, snarky, self preserving, common sense oriented, half demon soul eater (literal) who hunts bad people down because ghosts show her their deaths and she does not want to disappoint mom…well it just works. (view spoiler)

And, let’s go ahead and get it out-of-the-way by talking relationship development for a moment. Insta-love? Love triangle, perhaps? Gooey, unrealistic eyes across the room I will melt for you love? By chance the prince saves maiden, love? HA! Not a one of them dared to be seen in the vicinity of the characters in this book. It was
For once we get a young adult book where relationships (romantic or not) had the good grace to develop naturally and in a believable manner.

This book delivered exactly what it promised-a gritty, no holds bared dark urban fantasy full of blood, action, and complicated characters.

But back to the review. Meda gets caught eating a demon’s favorite pet. Little does she know (she does not, by the way, know anything about herself) that these demons are about to kick her butt and hand her a dose of her own medicine. Then bad-okay so he is a nauseatingly good boy who is just a bad boy in a good boy world-boy demon slayer comes waltzing in to save the day…just in time.

Demon-hunting must be good for the physique. The looks of an angel and yet all it makes me want to do is sin.

Demons are real. Demon-hunting Templars are real. Check.

That is when Meda finally has the chance to find out who she is. Oh! And she does not want to die. Funny of her, really. So Meda lies her bum off! She tricks good-boy-gone-rule-breaker Chi that she is a holy Beacon in need of Templar protection. Enter Jo- crippled by a demon attack and general b**ch to everyone; and ex-best friend of Chi. Jo is smart. She does not trust Meda as far as she can throw the half demon.

However, as the demons close in and the Templars start dropping like flies- Meda begins to learn just how much her new friends mean to her. Tough decisions between survival, finding out the truth, and protecting people she just met who would kill her if they knew what she was fast wear away at Meda’s faltering conscious.

As Mom always said, there’s an easy way to do something and the right way. Then again, she also said I shouldn’t play with my food.

Did I mention that Meda cannot help being good at being evil(ish)? And she is not the only one!

All your questions will be answered, I promise, but Jo threatened to gut me if I don’t get her the instant you are awake.

This novel was a wild, fast paced ride from the brainwashed Templar compound to the depths of Hell on Earth. If snarky wit offends or insta-love is your thing, keep on stepping. But if you are ready to be immersed in a world where good versus evil depends on the resources and morals of a self-professed teenage villain, sit down and buckle up!