White Lies (Kell Sabin, #4)White Lies by Linda Howard
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I think Linda Howard’s CIA books may just not be for me. I like my CIA to be rough spy masters with clever plots and intriguing twists. There were so many plot holes in this book it would have leaked like a sieve if it were a bucket.

My rating was actually 1.5 stars. Mostly because I liked the concept. Not the wake-up-and-I do-not-know-who-I-am concept that is so familiar to those of use who enjoy the romantic suspense genre every now and again. Rather, I liked the fact that our leading lady made the decisions she did and stuck too them even when it was tough.

But really Linda Howard decided to ignore the story of how our hero appeared in the hospital and what happened to the bag guys chasing him and focus on the romance. Eh. How aggravating. I wanted to know who the bad guy was, how he kept finding them, what happened in the warehouse, why was her ex husband there…?!

Instead all we get is a needy, make that super needy, instalove between our two main characters and the constant fight between conscience and great sex. I would describe the plot and characters for you, but really the synopsis is pretty much all the meat there is to this book. We do not get ANY of the answers to the questions. When their relationship is good, everything else just magically works out. Bummer.

Sigh. Chalk this one up as a disappointment in the suspense or thriller department but a good read if you want a complicated relationship with hot sex.