The Fairyland Murders (Deadly Ever After, #1)The Fairyland Murders by J.A. Kazimer
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I figured out what I dislike so much about Kazimer’s writing…weak,gullible men and nauseating women. Shudder.

So I thought I would give J.A. Kazimer another try. I was not too fond ofCurses! A F**ked Up Fairytale, but I do enjoy a good twist on fairy tales and wanted something that sounded like fun.

This was not fun. This was nauseating.

“But you can’t honestly believe they’ll let you go back to your,” I curled my fingers into air quotes, “real life.”

The Fairyland Murders is about a detective named Blue’s misadventures when he bites off more than he can chew getting involved (both personally and professionally) with fairies. Blue is not a fairy. He actually hates fairies. But in order to pay the rent he decides to look for a missing tooth fairy…while there is a serial killer killing said tooth fairies.

Fairyland itself does not seem like a magical place. Rather it is seedy and mean and everyone is addicted to fairy dust and killings are on the rise. And in this environment we have a detective with a hard time paying the rent, an electricity problem, a bunch of creepy fairies, and a tooth fairy who lies with every other word.

This book was extremely annoying. The male lead had no back bone once so ever. He continuously fell for tears and lies. He also had no reason to get involved with the things that he did. He aimlessly went from one scene to the next with little reasoning. And to make matters worse, the characters where all flat and very one-dimensional.

The detective’s inner dialogue rivals that of a 1950’s film, only with less common sense.

“Of all the fey PI firms in all the kingdoms in all the lands, these two hairless fairies had to walk into mine.”

And the women use their tears and female attributes to get their ways. Which our blue friend falls for hook-line-and-sinker.

My reluctance to help her vanish as two more tears fell. maybe I was being a little hasty. She really seemed to need help.”

And, there was no real “detecting” in this novel. Just a bunch of random plot devices thrown together as Blue stumbled around getting crapped on by his fairy handlers.

If you like fairy tale remixes…skip this one. It will only make you want to throw away all tooth care items and tell every little kid that the tooth fairy is not real.