Stray Souls (Magicals Anonymous, #1)Stray Souls by Kate Griffin
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

I read it, albeit slowly. I picked it up. I put it down. I stared at it awhile. I flipped it upside down. I poked it with a stick. And still, after all that, I do not understand the hype.

Final Verdict: Yawn-A-Minute plot-line interspersed with moments of Stark Confusion

Was this a self help book for weirdos everywhere? Was this a story of a maniacal evil sucking the soul of a city dry? Was this a book about a coming of age shaman with an impossible task? Eh…good question.

Okay. Here is the skinny: our main character is a barista who cannot get to her normal job on time and begins a self help group for magic creatures (it was never really identified if the world accepts magic as normal, but with the self help group and all-I will go with it does not. ) Our secondary main character is a shaman who is suppose to be teaching our up and coming magician a thing or two so she can save the city, but instead spends his time insulting her and wondering why she “just does not get it.” The city itself is being attacked every night and having its soul ripped away. And some bloke called the Midnight Mayor expects our tardy barista to have the power to fix it all but explains absolutely nothing.

That is right. We go through most of the book wobbling between magics anon group meetings and our leading lady waking up late for work. The rest of the time, we get petulant attitudes and whining among the characters. And we never really learn much about what is going on with the city. Which is odd because it is supposedly very bad if the city’s soul dies.

The world lacks development. The characters lack substance. And the plot is a haphazard bomb of combustible ideas in an unstable medium.

I was alternatively fighting to concentrate and flipping back to see if something was explained and I missed it. How boring. How frustrating. It was a cool concept that the author failed to pull off. It makes me wonder if people are scoring it so high because they enjoyed a previous series that much.

Recommended for those with more patience and less attention deficit than I have.