Witches' Bane (Soul Eater, #2)Witches’ Bane by Pippa DaCosta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“You are Ace Dante,” Shukra yelled. “That is your name.”

Ace Dante is in trouble. Again. You would think that after five hundred years he would learn to stay off of the gods’ radar. Unfortunately even though he tries to stay out of the way, the gods have too many uses for the foundling soul eater enslaved for past sins.

“What’s a god but a magically endowed epic asshole with a pedigree”

In Ace and Shu’s cases? Master jailer, twisted fuck,and exceptional manipulator.

There is a power struggle happening in the pantheon. A power struggle that lands Ace and his deadly duo (Cat and Shu for our new comers) struggling to figure out what common witches and missing souls have to do with anything. And they are racing against the clock because a soul eater on a rampage would give too many gods exactly what they want…

Once again I am AGOG at the world Pippa DaCosta has created for us!

KickAss Characters?
Intriguing Plot?
Continual World Development?

This book had all three!

“Ace Dante: cursed, but free because of it. I leaned on vodka and helped those who crossed the gods.”

Ace remains the bad guy gone good private eye who has a huge chip on his shoulder and main lines vodka to forget about what Osiris and the twisted Isis have done to him. (view spoiler)

“She looked at me with a wholly unsettling calmness. Were she a person, I would’ve said she was about to snap, pull put a gun, and aerate my body. But this was Shu. She had imagination.”

DeCosta heard our plea and there is more Shu! Shu is the person I would want to be if I was a demon trapped in a human body with a kabosh on my powers and a soul chained to my enemy- she is still scary! MORE PLEASE!?In this iteration Shu takes a more active role in Dante’s troubles. And I have to tell you, this scary bad girl leaves me wondering if she is not so bad after all. Could a sorceress gone buisness associate with a taint on her soul really change after 500 years of torment? (Ace does not think so. But then old dogs have a hard time with new tricks.)

And then there is Cat. As if having an ex wife and multiple gods on your ass (view spoiler) is not bad enough, the ex’s spy and shape shifter thinks Ace has something to do with said ex’s disappearence. And Cat is relentless, has integrity, and WILL find her mistress and kill anyone who gets in the way. Poor schmuck cannot catch a break!

These characters are a winning cast all of the way around! Especially when you factor in Isis’s continued machinations and how justice has taken a turn for the worst.

“All I had were my fists and my wits, which had been lackling lately.”

Have I mentioned the dialogue yet? No? How remiss of me since it was FREAKING AWESOME!

The reality is that even if it is a pantheon not touched on often, the gods being more evil than good is not a new shtick. But this author managed to take an old hat and make it incredible by quirky, snarky dialogue (internal dialogue counts) and the full bodied characters to match it. Add the continually complex plot line and the ever changing world development and this book was just plan fun!

Recommended for people who want to have a fun adventure with complex characters and Machiavellian machinations.