Curious Minds (Knight and Moon, #1)Curious Minds by Janet Evanovich

My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

Quirky and yet humorous read whose pages flew(metaphorically, of course .)

It all started with a simple request…

“I want to see my gold.”

Emerson is a new age rich man with too much time on his hands and an apparent sideline in the investigation business.

“Ridley decided the man was physically a ten, but intellectually he was a certifiable fruit basket. Probably did astral projection to Mars in his spare time.”

Riley an upincoming {read: bottom of the totem pole} financal advisor just out of school with a stack of student loans and the unfortunate assignment of appeasing {read:babysitting} our rich eccentric.

“Riley reminded herself that she was a professional, and stabbing Emerson with her nail file would not be professional.”

There is a missing man and some missing gold in Riley’s company. But despite growing evidence that something is wrong in the gold world, the only person who cares is our lovable and highly exasperating rich client. And when he demands to see his gold it takes Riley on an adventure in ethics and murder that a cop’s daughter cannot ignore. Well…unless Emerson continues to pass her off.

“Rise above hunger. I once went ten days without eating a thing.”
“Good for you. Me, I am hypoglycemic. If I don’t eat every three hours I get irritable. You would not like me when I’m irritable.”
“You’re not?”
“Very funny.”

This was a wild ride full of crazy aunts, zen philosophies, explosions, gun fights, corrupt officials, and, of course, missing gold. Will these two wannabe detectives find the gold, save the Banker, and stop financial corruption as we know it? With the cast of cast offs the have along for the ride you cannot help but wait for it all to fall apart.

I enjoyed this lighthearted tale of mystery and social awkward boy meets girl. It was fun. This is more like Janet Evanovich’s Full Series (which I loved because it was hysterical) than the more popular Number Series (which I hated because it was a repetitive bore that through in a love triangle instead of fixing the characters and just keeps going despite the lack of new material.)

The characters are complex but it does not interfere with the lightness of the plot. The plot flows nicely and the dialogue is quite humorous. The mystery is just enough to keep you engaged without ruining the humor. It was a well balance collaboration.

Recommended for those who like the Full Series and Stephenie Bond mysteries…or someone who is looking for more humor in their murder.