The Girl Who Chased the MoonThe Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

“…adolescence is like having only enough light to see the step directly in front of you, and no farther.”

An utterly light and insouciant read for when you need a touch of whimsy to cleanse the reading pallette.

Emily has spent her life trying to live up to her mother Dulcie’s sterling example. Now, after her mother dies and Emily must move to a hometown her mother never spoke of and live with the grandfather that she never knew. Unfortunately her mother’s past is not nearly as egalitarian in nature as her present was and Emily is about to learn that living up to her mother’s present may have been hard, but living down her past may just be impossible.

“The men in my family have an … affliction.”

Win is a boy with secrets, secrets that he desperately wishes to let go of. A confrontation between Dulcie and Win’s uncle irrevocably changed his small town (and his own family) 20 years previous. Now he is hoping Emily will be able to illicit another change- a better one.

“Your peers when you’re a teenager will always be the keepers of your embarrassment and regret.”

Julia is a woman whose past in this odd little town is anything but comforting. She ducked out of everything it meant to be a part of this town at the end of her sophomore year in high school and she has only looked back once…for the boy she loved. Now she is stuck with her father’s debt and a 2yr plan to get her life back on track. That is, unless that long ago boy has finally turned into the man she thought he was.

“I’m homesick all the time,” she said, still not looking at him. “I just don’t know where home is. There’s this promise of happiness out there. I know it. I even feel it sometimes. But it’s like chasing the moon—just when I think I have it, it disappears into the horizon. I grieve and try to move on, but then the damn thing comes back the next night, giving me hope of catching it all over again.”

Sawyer knew he screwed up with Julia. That he managed to screw up so spectacularly at the tender age of 16 is nothing short of amazing. But he is hoping that with Julia back in town he will have a chance to make things right…and dare he hope a chance at a future he has always wanted as well.

“Welcome to Mullaby, North Carolina, she thought. Home of ghost lights, giants, and jewelry thieves.”

Sarah Addison Allen has crafted us an enchanting tale where lights float in the woods and little boys can see sugar floating on the air for miles. She has brought the small town South alive with her prose. A person finds themselves transported to rocking chairs on porches and a bit of sweet tea with the neighbors. This is a tale where a little bit of magic is intrinsic with a small town and all the people who live there. The world is well developed and the the characters are 3 dimensional. You cannot help but want to know how the story ends.

This is a book for leisurely summer afternoons spent waving at the neighbors from the comfort of your front porch while sipping on an iced tea and idley waving a fan against the humidity.