Midnight Curse (Disrupted Magic, #1)Midnight Curse by Melissa F. Olson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“If I couldn’t free Molly legally, I was damned well going to have a plan.”

Scarlett is a human with a unique ability that has landed her in a gig with a vampire boss- she is a walking null for all magic. Vampires are human around her. Witches cannot cast spells at her or in her presence. Even werewolves lose their lupine mojo when they get within 15 feet. Because of this, she has been tasked to keep L.A.’s rather extensive magic community away from human eyes. She is the clean-up crew for the otherworldly. But this time the boss is not backing her and she is in over her head. She will need help.

“Wow.” Scarlett paused in the doorway for a moment, taking in the
empty pizza boxes, beer bottles, and dirty clothes. “Just fully embracing
the divorced guy cliché, aren’t you.”

Jess is an ex-cop going through a divorce. He is on edge and has more than a few unresolved feelings towarf Scarlett and her Old World boss. He is your typical beer-swilling good guy who has seen too much and lived to tell about it.

So what could bring these two from different worlds, too much history, and not enough time apart together?

“Please Scar. I snapped my mouth shut. I
knew that handwriting. Molly.”

A vampire is not playing by the rules. As a result, a bunch of women have been killed and more have been taken. And he has set up another old friend of Scarlett’s to take the fall. Old World laws are clear. Scarlett has about 24h to find out what really happened or Molly will die. And there is nothing a do gooder like an ex-cop hates more than an innocent bwing caught in the crossfire.

Apparently this is a second story arc for a series that I have not read. It did not matter. Enough of the past was explained that I feel like I did not need (or miss out) on anything because I missed the previous series. In fact, because of Scarlett’s descriptions of herself in that series, I actually have no interest in reading it. Which is an odd turn, I know.

In this book, the characters were matured and well rounded. Eli, (Scarlett’s werewolf boyfriend) was a dependent week willed ninny who kept messing with the woman’s independence. Jess was a good friend depite that Scarlett had broken his heart way back. Molly made aome haed choices and wasn’t the grasping sorority princess that she first appeared. Even the enemies had reasons and plots going on with them that kept the reader intrigued and did not make me want to vomit or throw the book.

The old Scarlett (according to herself) was an abused pushover who refused to make decisions and took the easy way over the hard way. Hmmm…nope. Not interested in that version. Further, I apparently missed a love triangle. I hate love triangles and have to be convinced by an auther to except one. In the past a bad love triangle has made me give up on an author (Sarah J. Maas and her penchant for switching romance intersts bookly comes to mind.) And I am pleased that I was introduced to this author without that tangle in the plot.

Overall I would have to say this book was a light, enjoyable read. It did not bring anything “new” to the urban vampire genre, but neither did you feel like you were bored stiff reading the same ole story. There is a romaantic backstory going on between Eli and Scarlett, but it adds rather than detracts from the plot. It reiterates that our characters are not one dimensional and thay they did not magically appear for this crisis; but that they have lives when not chasing down rogue vamps or putting the kobosh on werewolves who hate packlife.

That all being said, the pace and plot keeps a reader interested but this is not a gripping read. There are stereotypes (werewolf and alpha male are big ones) and tropes riddled here. They do not take away from the story but it does make you want to smack a few characters when they fall into them. I personally would have dropped or gelded my boyfriend had he run to his boss to tattle because he could not get me on my cell-I seriously hated Eli. So… enjoyable, but not new, thoughtful, or exciting.

But really sometimes light and enjoyable is just what a reader needs.
I would recommend this book for people who enjoy a light urban fantasy and do not mind forgoing surprises.

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