Chaos Rises (Chaos Rises, #1)Chaos Rises by Pippa DaCosta
My rating: 3.20 of 5 stars

“A half blood walks into a bar… And asks the devil for a drink.”

I was slightly let down but it was still the engaging yet easy read that Pippa DaCosta snagged me with in the Ace Dante books.

Gem is in trouble. Her brother is missing, demons roam the earth, and the only person she may just trust is the slave to her master’s rival. As bad days go, things cannot reappy get much worse.

“I had to find him. Nothing else mattered. He was my brother. We’d always been together. We would always be together. Always.

Apart…apart we were dangerous.”

Hmmm, oops! I guess it does get worse. Del (the brother) is a half demon whose ‘element ‘ is chaos, you know-the thing that MADE hell-and without his half demon sister (think ice queen) he has nothint to hold onto to keep him on the human side of the house…amd neither does she.

“If I wanted to survive, I could not say no, and the smile on his face told me that he knew it.”

Enter into it a maniacal demon with an everyone-wants-to-rule-the-world napoleon syndrome, a hunk of burning love with a mysterious past and some messed up slave-master manipulations, and a Prince of Hell chained in the basement and things just are not looking too good for Gem. Or, you know, humanity in general.

Sounds like an urbanites made for a single sitting read does it not? Well…actually my jury is still out.

Now, do not get me wrong, DaCosta definitely delivered on her trademark 3 dimensional complex characters that come complete with witty banter, mysterious pasts, and torn up mental situations. She also came through on the barely there BELIEVABLE romantic tease that kept us intrigued without taking away from the story.

But ah…the story…and here is where we reach the “gray area.” It was an intriguing concept full of character motivations and plots within plots. However am intriguing concept with awesome characters just is not enough. The characters also have to PULL OFF the plot.

The point of the story, her hunting for and finding her brother, never actually got off tge ground. I was in an AGONY of suspense waiting for it. But. It. Just. Never. Happened. For a control freak lab rat like Gem who was conditioned to kill by evil scientists, waiting on the sidelines just does not cut it. But that is what she did. She begged and cajoled and fought herself and just when it seems like she is going to get some gumption, the book ends and we are left feeling rushed and dissatisfied.

It felt like this entire book was just the back ground noise preparing us for whatever is going to happen in the next book. Longer than a movie trailer but with less information than a short film. And in the end, I was left wondering if I even cared.

Overall this was a light, easy read with an intriguing concept that fantastic characters did not quite pull off. I would still recommend for those looking for a quick, untaxing urban fantasy read that empahsizes character rather than plot.