Cursed Moon (Prospero's War, #2)Cursed Moon by Jaye Wells
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

“Aren’t all families fucked up?”

In this case, everyone in the freak-ing book. What the HELL happened?! I struggled, I mean REALLY struggled, with rating this one.

On the one hand the advancement of the plot was very good. On the other hand the characters all turned into overdramatic plebs with outrageous emotional outbursts and unreasonable judgments of themselves and each other. Added to that, this turned into a sort of jump-on-Kate anger episode for everyone involved.

Not okay. Soooo not okay.

“They killed themselves. I was simply their suicide weapon.”

They crime syndicate portion of our magical crime novel is simple: we have a new kid in town who wants to tear down the thin veneer of civility seen in the Babylon by utilizing potions and targeting criminal and do-gooder alike. He seems one step ahead of everyone and likes to play sick games in public places. Added to this pandemonium we have a Blue Moon, which apparently makes everyone go a little nutzoid and the people with magic abilities more sensitive to potions and less in control of emotions and power.

“The skeletons in our closet are proof of a well-lived life.”

As I may have stated hinted at the interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence went way down hill during this book. The best friend went all holier-than-thou attitude because she was not kept apprised of the magic slips that were not abusive in the least. The little brother is in full teenage angst mode and going behind the back to the decade old ex with sketch morals and a worst past. The ex is getting presumptuous and is way to involved in Kate’s life for her not having seen him for a decade. (the dude seriously needs to either come clean on the feelings or move on…acting like a manipulative jerk is not the way to win fair maiden’s heart…particularly when you are into blackmail and power.) The partner is going through his meriod (man-period is a thing) with all the emotional upheavals. The boss is playing politics. And good ole Uncle Abe is back in the play.

What is a ex-potion cooker turned cop supposed to do? ALCOHOL. Lots of alcohol.

Overall this was a backward half step from the last novel. The plot progression was awesome but the character development went squiffy.

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