Deadly Spells (Prospero's War, #3)Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells
My rating: 3.6 of 5 stars

“…the thing is, being right isn’t always enough.”

Okay…so we turned this series back around. The crime is more organized. The characters are less drama prone. The blackmail is held by more powerful individuals. The power plays are raising the stakes. And, the politics are blurring more lines and making unlikely bed fellows become bosom buddies of the familial sort.

“Where a person spends their time is the truest indicator of their priorities.”

Kate has spent a lot of time in the with her new crew at the task force. She is more a part of them than the PD her badge comes from. But this time her involvement will take her loyalties to her team deeper than ever before. And the deeper she delves into the her co-worker’s lives (past and present) the more ambiguous the moral ground becomes.

“Alpha males were pains in the ass, but at least they didn’t pretend to be something they weren’t.”

Our leading men (John the evil ex and current mayor and the partner hunk extraordinaire) are at odds. Between how close Kate is becoming with her partner and how far John is from the boy Kate once loved, the love/hate between the 3 is becoming untenable. Worse yet is that Kate has not admitted to herself just why the decade long hiatus from her ex has come to its end…or why things are becoming strained with the partner. Throw into the mix that her little brother still sees the new mayor as a sort of hero and is suddenly getting into the sort of trouble at school that is drawing Kate’s best friend home enraged; and Kate has more than enough problems in her personal life.

“What’s the matter? Is your ass too important now to touch anything but Corinthian leather?”

Into this mess of personal implosion we add new players with old agendas that are threatening to tear the Babylon underworld apart–along with Kate’s boss. With the new criminals we are getting new talents that threaten to strain the teams’ talents and destroy the city all the way up the ladder in city hall.

What will Kate do when the only way out might mean becoming the very monsters that she has come to hate?

The dialogue is flawless. The character development is on point (John you evil villain I love to hate you…I hope your tie chokes you dead.) The plot moves along ate just the right pace. The reader frustration is real…especially with THAT ENDING! OMGIAMSOPROUDOFKATE!!!

Overall this was an enjoyable read that keeps a reading interested without being overly heavy or complex. The crime is gritty. The world is morally ambiguous (even for the cops.) The potions are twisted. And the minions lack loyalty. A definite pickup if you survived reading Cursed Moon.

So now I just have one questions….


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