All Booked Up

Combining the books and travel that takes us to amazing places!


Capture2 In addition to my unhealthy addictions to books, coffee, and dark chocolate, I love spending time in outdoors. I stay involved in a wide range of activities from hiking to community service to horse back riding to pretty much anything I can try. When I am not on the go or in a book, you will find me in the gym.

When I read, I tend to be analytical. The big hitters for me are character development and world building. I will completely take a book a part and as a result, I rarely give something a five-star rating. My reading material is varied and includes anything I find fascinating or that has an intriguing plot.

When I travel I tend to go from one extreme to the next. There are days when I want to be a tourist and then there are days when I cannot stand tourists and just want to experience the local culture. But no matter the mood I am in, if there is an extreme sport or outdoor adventure that I can sign up for, I am in!!!

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